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Who Use Playchat?
Playchat is aiming to be a natural conversational artificial intelligence with diverse functions
Customized Templates due to different types of jobs

Make the chatbot which can supply my service on the template.
There are various templates such as restaurants, shopping and medicals.

1:1 Conversation Learning

Chatbot will reply if you let it learn short questions and answers.
You may make it learn at once if you organize the Q&A on excel file.

Manage Conversational Scenario

You may form the conversations with phases as if the real conversation between human or if you could make the scenario based conversations you are able to make even more contents.

Supply various platforms

Through the various platforms such as KakaoTalk, Facebook, Naver talktalk, you may able to conncet your own chatbot and able to manage integratedly at Playchat

Customer inflow through the comfortable service

handle your business fast and easy through chatbot
If you could approach to the customers by using easy systems such as chatting, it will be greatly satisfied by its fast and comfortable service support.

Decrease the cost and increase the sales

Through the automatic response system for customers, it will decrease the working hours spent for basic customer response. Moreover, the chatbot will support the chance of attracting customers which leads into sales increase.

Become a heroin who captivates customers by using Artificial Intelligence Chatbot with easy templates!
Delivery bot
automatic menu order

Delivery food menu requests and confirm

  • menu guide
  • Order menus and confirm
  • Ordering list confirm
  • Ordering request Guide
Shopping bot
search items and recommend

item recoomendation and delivery service

  • item recommendation and search service
  • check delivery status
  • out of stock items guide
  • Information regarding restock
Hotel bot
automatic room reservations

24hours customer response

  • hotel access guide
  • check room availability
  • Room Booking
  • Guide in Foreign Language
Hospital bot
Doctor's consultaion and treatment reservation

possess the largest data regarding hospital information

  • procedural guide
  • hospital information
  • Medical Treatment Reservation
  • Search Feedbacks information
Construction case of using an excellenct conversational Artificial intelligence engine

Counselling chatbot regarding financial banking tasks of NH bank

platform - KakaoTalk

Release Date: 2016.10.28

Main Function: item guide, frequently asked

questions, event guide, opening hours guide

customer service and information sharing chatbot

platform - KakaoTalk, Facebook, naver talktalk

Release date: 2017.06.28

Main Function: Shinhan Fan Guide, Card recommendation

Frequently asked qeustions, event

customer service and information sharing chatbot

Platform - KakaoTalk, Facebook

Release Date: 2016.11.18

order delivery food(Search Restaurants,

menu search, manage orders and etc.)

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